Dreams and Qualiadelia

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Our consciousness is nothing more than our body's awareness of its relationship with the qualiadelia which inhabits the mind. Qualiadelic ideas such as "self" and "community" are nearest and dearest to us, and they are crowded with symbols and meanings. But as we move away from what is close to us, and venture from what is familiar, it appears as if ideas thin out, just as ancient maps of the world were bordered by the vast, uncharted void of the unknown.

As the explorers discovered, however, the earth did not stop at the horizon; new lands, new peoples, and new worlds transcended the horizon. Similarly, in the realm of ideas, the familiar is just the "old world." As we move through all the time honored rituals of fancy and imagination - through science and art, spirituality and the serendipity of play, the symbolic world just keeps on enticing us through new doors of perception. Our consciousness is ever altered, and our sense of "being" is ever expanded by an infinity of perspectives.

We must not forget that ideas, though they flourish in the mind, are living. They are reproducing, growing and evolving far beyond our ability to observe them. They have expanded far beyond the limits of our consciousness, beyond the twilight zone of the mind, to where our imaginations hardly dare to follow.

It is no surprise, then, that the stuff of dreams is only vaguely familiar at best, and most often completely unintelligible.

And what we can learn from dreams is far more meaningful than what archetypes have to teach us. Archetypes are symbolic instincts that help us navigate the crises of our familiar symbolic worlds. But if we can focus, not on the sense of dreams, not even on their own, internal logic, but upon their strangenesses - as glimpses of the unknown - then we may find some sense of enlightenment.

For what comes to us in dreams are qualiadelic symbols beyond knowing. Ideas - living, breeding, expanding, exploring, and following their own inclination (with no more help from our brains than Columbus had from Ferdinand and Isabella, nor Einstein had from formal schooling) - discover new symbols that sometimes come drifting back to the homeland.

Who knows what currents carry these symbols homeward, what forces call them toward our consciousness, our dreams, our intuition, our being. Some law of attraction, perhaps.

Each of us, in our own mind, or brain, has an expanding civilization of ideas. We are all different, but the familiar parts of these symbolic worlds are much the same from person to person. That is why archetypes work for us. But beyond the familiar we may each be traveling in different directions, and through different dimensions.

And yet those far reaching ideas, they may also be exploring common ground, and any two people, or and two populations, may be sharing cosmic insights. If such qualiadelic experiences take place beyond the reaches of our consciousness and imagination, they still may have power to affect us. They still may have attraction, drawing more and more qualiadelia to them, forming constellations (as the Jungians say), which are symbols. Just as a molecule is a constellation of atoms, so is a symbol full of ideas, and if we are working on our awareness and our perception, we may perceive these distant constellations - perhaps through our dreams, perhaps some other way.

Perhaps we can attract them through the process of ritualing. In that uninhibited, though safe, framework, we express ourselves with language, gesture, and even unfamilar, creative forms of expression. Such symbolic moves, of course, have qualiadelic power of their own. They will certainly attract like-minded people (that is the "secret" of the law of attraction). But if like-minded ritualers are trying to attract the qualiadelia from afar, not just from other minds, but from beyond other minds, well, the possiblities are intriguing...

Be Qualiadelic. Be Conscious. Change the routine.

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Dreams and Qualiadelia

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This article was published on 2010/04/03