How to Get Ideas For Getting More Done

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Most of us "freeze up" when confronted with the thought of trying to create something new or even to trying to solve a problem we come up against. It's not because we don't know the answer, but because we can't seem to access it in our mind.

It always seems like the time you need to get ideas for getting more solutions or perhaps the time you believe that getting a good idea would be to able to write a novel, you fail miserably to come up with anything! How about when you are at work, the times you feel that the job could be done better and more efficiently and would like to reckon on making those improvements you just don't seem to be quite able to grasp all the elements needed, does that sound like you?

When you want to get ideas for getting more action in our lives or maybe when you think that getting a good idea would be to write a book, we lose the plot! What about at work when you are fed up with the processes involved and would like to consider how it could all be done more simply or efficiently, does that sound like you?

Do you wonder how to make good ideas that work? You see if you could find ideas for getting more done at work at home or even to start your own business, would it, could it, change your life? You bet it could.

The good news is that getting your good ideas together is not really that difficult, but it does take a little application from yourself. It does mean a little life change for you, but if you do it you will find that life becomes more enjoyable as you will discover that you notice more of what is happening around you. Your ideas for getting more done such as your book that you have always wanted to write or a new more efficient system at work, is all about observation in the first instance. You can achieve the ability to notice the things that surround you in a different and more objective light. From this clever and cool observation you will find that that getting the good ideas you had in the bath; for example, can actually be realized and put into action.

Once you "get" the idea of how this works you will be amazed at the stuff, you suddenly become aware of that have been there all the time. This creates information in your mind that can either be stored for another time or getting the main idea together and put into place straight away, or forgotten. So you see by taking more notice of this and being able to uncover the simple system to help you prioritize and then by taking action, that you will be in a position to decide what you want to do with each piece of knowledge you glean!

The key principles of creating ideas for getting more done are quite straightforward, they are:-

  1. Good observation
  2. Good formulation
  3. Good evaluation
  4. Good action plan
The beauty of this straightforward system is that it becomes natural to you and therefore easy and effective, you will do it without thinking.
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How to Get Ideas For Getting More Done

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This article was published on 2010/03/29