Romantic Day Ideas

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Do you have a day coming up when you have your loved one all to yourself? Instead of spending the day in the same old routine, take some time to plan something romantic. If you do not have a good idea, consider one of these:

Romantic Day Idea #1 - Plan a Picnic

There is just something romantic about a picnic, and if you can plan one in the right location, you can easily spend a day together enjoying one another's company. First, plan the food right. Be sure to pack enough food for the day, and include a bottle of your favorite wine. Plastic wine glasses will add a romantic touch. Throw a rose in the basket to surprise your sweetheart with when you reach the picnic spot. Choose a location that requires a little walk, which gives you time to talk, and make sure the area provides privacy and shade. After you eat, take time to enjoy the beauty around you as you cuddle and enjoy one another.

Romantic Day Idea #2 - Take a Carriage Ride

Exploring a city or park in a horse drawn carriage is a romantic way to spend an afternoon. If you follow this with a romantic dinner out, you have planned the perfect romantic day. Carriage rides provide the perfect opportunity to cuddle and talk.

Romantic Day Idea #3 - Explore a City on Foot

Do you live near a major city, yet know little about it? Explore it together on foot, holding hands. If something you pass sparks your interests, go inside and see what it is. Explore eclectic art galleries, unknown eateries and coffee shops, and even quaint museums that you did not know existed. You will have plenty of time to talk as you do, so be sure to remind each other of how much you love one another.

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Romantic Day Ideas

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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