Several Awesome Notepad Ideas

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Notepads can become more than just boring old writing material. If you plan to make custom ones for yourself or for your business, there are a lot of awesome ideas out there that can make these materials more interesting and even fun to write on.

Unconvinced? Well here are a few awesome ideas for notepads that people use and have been successful at.

• The fill up type - One of the coolest ideas for notepads are those "fill up" or form types. These are the kinds of color notepads with content already written in them, and you just need to fill in the blanks for the message to be complete.

You can use these kinds of custom notepads in your business. For example, if you write letters and other kind o paperwork to your clients and customers over and over again, you can have a custom notepad printed with a pre-arranged template so that you only have to fill up the specifics of the paperwork. This makes things easier for you and you will save a lot of time in the writing process.

• Checklist type - Another thing that is similar to form types are the checklist type. Checklist are notepads with built in checkboxes or you to use. You can add in your own items into the checklist, or you can actually have some checklist items already printed out as part of the design. Checklist are extremely useful as you can immediately compose and fill out a checklist for your own purposes. This is especially useful for people who take a lot of inventory or who are always forgetful.

• The entertainment type - Besides awesome functional notepads though, you can also try creating a nice entertainment notepads. Entertainment notepads are notepads that have an amusing or entertainment value. They might have comic designs printed on them, or they may have special artistic watermarks that people can appreciate. This kind of notepad is pretty useful as giveaways to help in your marketing.

• The magnetic type - Also, another cool idea for notepads are the magnetic ones. Magnetic are notepads with a special magnet lining. This means that you can stick them anywhere with metal such as a refrigerator or example. These kinds of notepads are perfect to take down notes for groceries, or to write little reminders and notes of affection on the refrigerator door.

• Shaped type - Finally, the most unusual yet eye-catching of all are the shaped ones. These notepads have been cut into special shapes like heart shapes, flowers, logos etc. Since these notepads are eye-catching and pretty and they can be great as gifts on the holidays and as giveaways for marketing.

Aren't these ideas awesome? As you can see, there is more to a notepad than just being writing medium. It can be so much more. So why not try one o these ideas out?

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Several Awesome Notepad Ideas

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This article was published on 2010/03/31