Success is doing, not wishing.

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A popular slogan ‘an idea can change your life’ is indeed true, when we just need a little spark to decide on an important situation. Concentratie (Concentration) on a simple idea and taking it into action can change one’s life entirely. You can become a millionaire if you work upon your own original idea. Great inventions of world were just ideas in people’s mind. But you won’t get ides unless you somehow tell your subconscious mind that you both need and really want ideas. The key work here is want. It’s very important to want ideas then to merely need them. Understanding this difference is crucial. All constant losers, alcoholics, and gamblers desperately need new ideas to change their direction before it’s too late. Since positive ideas are everywhere one can be what one chooses to be.

Nothing is free. Profitable innovation and effective imagination are no exception to this rule. Inventiveness and creativity are gifts in everyone. only a relax mind can get great ideas if a person can’t pay attention on a particular task or idea he/she is said to have concentratie problemen (concentration problem). Your subconscious mind wants to be used; it wants to be controlled intelligently; and that’s what makes us happy and grow well. Once you are happy your imagination will soar and innovative ideas will flow from your brain. The price for that result has to be paid with study, with experience gaining work, and with alert thought. You create ideas by being specific in your thinking and through your study of a subject that excites you. Success-building ideas come only to those who look for them vigorously and intelligently.

The profit of great ideas comes when you change them into reality. Get rid of the misconception those great ideas you can have and then get someone to work out the details. The details are what lead to inventions. Unless you work out the details in a practical way, you can’t control the profit that can be made from your idea. Pick a limited field to specialize in. learn everything that’s already known about the subject. Work in that field by taking the best job you can find in it. Then start thinking every hour of everyday about what can be done to improve the performance in your specialty. When you have done all these things, valuable ideas will start flowing out of your mind.

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Success is doing, not wishing.

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This article was published on 2010/11/29